Live? no.

Hey! Sorry to bring slightly disappointing news, we are forced to cancel the upcoming march live shows at Vastavirta and Rytmikorjaamo.

Harmi. Tyvärr. Fuck.

In the mean time, last weekend rehearsals turned out to be all about new stuff and inspiration. I dare to say that guitars are back on the table and turned up. Also, it’s two songs and twenty minutes so things are getting well shaped. Some could say that’s half of an album, but it’s still early days so we are holding our horses. So should you.

In wake of this lovely and unexpected guitar-galore, I decided to post a photo of one of our cool guitars. This one’s probably the least cool of them all, but still it has John Petrucci's fading signature in it. Do well to imagine the others. While you are waiting for new SATR-songs and shows, remember to pay tribute to shredding guitar heroes! Thank you.



Live? yes

The nature of certain facts is, that they are worth knowing. We’ll be doing two live shows in march.

One in Tampere, another in Seinäjoki. It’s about time we make our first gig at Vastavirta. The night might prove out to be all about virginity, as we are looking to test one competely new song. It already has a bass line, drums and vocal line. The elements of international superhit, one might say. Then in Seinäjoki, we are sharing stage, or atleast club, with Pariisin kevät. Once again, a night that’s easily worth of your precious little money. See you!

SATR Live:
20.3. Vastavirta, Tampere
21.3. Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki

Genitaalinärpes, our brother from another mother!

Quite distant though, probably adopted. This marks the launch of their new release, labelled Digitaalinärpes. Take a listen, be a sucker!

Happy new year boys and motherfucking girls. When you start the year with a Prince-ish comment, you know it’s going to be a remarkable one. The 2013 was filled with landmarks and changes, this year will probably be something quite different. The upcoming year should include a timeperiod/era/epoch, when SATR album number two is recorded. That sounds like an adequate goal, doesn’t it. Additionally, we’ll be doing a few shows in march, atleast in Seinäjoki and Tampere. Maybe a chance to test some new tunes in full band environment.

Take this way while waiting…

Best Regards,

Sensitive new age guys and the Major

Melodingo elektro roko!

Well, should have seen this coming. Hats of to those, who have enough time and energy to work a tourblog. Anyways, there are such great stories to be shared, so it feels there’s a post-tour journal coming sooner or later. Now it’s time to start making new plans. That means new album, new songs and new tours. Can’t wait to kickstart this heart. 

Via Baltica

While writing, we are on our way from Tallinn to Riga. So far so good, only one parking ticket while staying in Tallinn. Speaking of the devil, the first show of our tour turned out to be quite a nice little event. There maybe could have been a few more peolpe, but those who came really took the most of it. The standard of dancing has been set for this tour! Kodu Baar was really nice venue and they allowed us to stay the night in the bar. Sleeping on sofas also gave us the chance to look after our instruments. It’s hard to imagine this happening in Finland, which makes me to think of the differences between the two cultures. We are close, and at the same time so far away. What a deep thought.

Mediterranean love week

Here we go. The fact that we are about to stretch some borders is definitely worth a few words. Although it might seem exactly that, it’s not like we’ve been resting on laurels after the summer. Quite opposite to be honest. The first ideas of upcoming SATR album have been recorded, but it might be a bit early to talk about that. Speaking of the present, Toni just celebrated the opening of his exhibition ‘Eläintarha’ at Poriginal Galleria in Pori. Meanwhile, Janiv, Jokke and Samuli just spent a week in studio recording an album of dark-steamy-techno-idontknowwhatsthisshit music. Don’t worry, you’ll hear of it. Don’t know when though.


Actually I feel that this blog will mark the start of some kind of new SATR website. There really couldn’t be a better start than this little Baltic tour which we are about to do. Four shows in four nights in four receptive cities. Receptive atleast from gig-booking view. Before turning this page into a website, we shall use it as a tour diary. Hopefully the entries will be something more than just dubious inside jokes.

I was about to post a video from our last weekend rehearsals but it turned out to more tricky than i thought. On the video Samuli plays hard rock guitar. It should get posted later with a comment track.